Parietal Burner #3 - Obvious & Soklak

  • Parietal Burner #3 - Obvious & Soklak
  • Parietal Burner #3 - Obvious & Soklak
  • Parietal Burner #3 - Obvious & Soklak

- 60 x 50 cm
- Printed on Mediajet Museum Watercolor
- Limited to 50 artworks
- Each artwork is numbered and handsigned by both Soklak and Obvious, and delivered with a certificate of authenticity.
- We ship worldwide.

This artwork was created using artificial intelligence through different steps:
- The training of Generative Adversarial Networks on images provided by Lascaux, resulting in the invention of new shapes and animals by Artificial Intelligence
- The use of style transfer algorithms to apply the style of reknown street artist Soklak on the animal.

This artwork is part of a series which represents the widest gap imaginable, between the most primitive forms of art and the latest technologies. It is also a technological tribute to the street art movement and its fight throughout the decades for freedom of expression.

Obvious -
Soklak -

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